Green platter

This item has been sold, but I can make a similar piece. Please allow a couple of weeks fo me to create it.

Green platter

Green platter
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 Making use of some beautiful glass, this little platter has a certain shine, the light picks out the shimmering effects embedded in the glass, the delicate waves that flow through the piece give it a feeling of movement, the contrasting islands of cream highlights the pure beauty of the delicate shades of green that flow through the piece.


  • This product is rectangular and has a 20mm (2cm) outer lip that falls 10mm (1cm) to the middle of the platter, the inner portion of the piece is 120 x 170 mm (12cm x 17cm)
  • Crafted using green and cream opaque glass overlaid with clear transparent glass. NOTE the Dichroic glass was fired above the transparent so I can’t recommend this product to be used for unwrapped food stuffs.
  • The glass has been fired twice to achieve the desired finish
  • We can provide you bumper buttons to attach if you wish.
  • It would be possible to create similar, smaller or larger pieces like this, or even a set of products. If you are interested in this possibility you are welcome to email me at I will be happy to give you a quote.


Size :- 235mm long x 180mm wide x 15mm high (23.5cm x 18cm x 1.5cm)


Product Code GREHKY9C42
Condition New
Weight 0.696kg

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